Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

private drug and alcohol rehab

You have decided that this is the year you want to get sober and change your life for the better. Taking that first important step on the recovery path naturally leads to the question, “Where should I receive treatment?” If you prefer the finer things in life, you will want to consider private drug and alcohol rehab.

About Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

For some, one of the most important features they desire in rehab is absolute privacy. They want to feel confident that their private data remains confidential, and that their privacy is honored.

A private luxury rehab program offers a confidential treatment experience from start to finish…and so much more. These premium rehabs cater to your every need while providing the most current evidence-based treatments. The private venue offers a more intimate treatment setting where you will be very well cared for during your stay.

When searching for an upscale rehab, you will want to look for these features:

  • Do they hold the proper accreditation and licensing?
  • Do they center their program on evidence-based practices?
  • Do they create customized treatment plans?
  • Do they have psychiatric professionals on their treatment team?
  • Do they treat co-occurring mental health disorders?
  • Do they provide a monitored detox?
  • Do they have expertise in treating your type of substance use disorder?
  • Does the rehab have a history of success?
  • Do they offer upscale services?
  • Do they have curated meal services?
  • Do they offer recreational pastimes?
  • Do they have alumni services?

Amenities at Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Private addiction treatment programs often skew toward high-end locations, which offer beautiful settings for beginning the healing process. These programs are geared toward those who have discerning tastes, and who are used to the finer things in life.

One feature of private rehabs is the inclusion of spa-like amenities. These amenities are what set these exclusive programs apart from the standard rehab. Some of the special services you can expect to find include:

  • Massage. Massage helps the body release toxins while it relieves muscle tension.
  • Yoga. Yoga blends focused breathing with postures and movement, helping clients achieve a calm state of being.
  • Meditation. Learning how to use the mind to relax the body is a valuable tool in recovery.
  • Sound therapy. Sound therapy, also called sound healing or sound baths, is a type of sensory healing done through sound.
  • Acupuncture. This involves the use of tiny needles that are placed at certain points on the body. The needles help to open energy flow and can relieve detox symptoms.
  • Equine therapy. Working with horses has been shown to be helpful in recovery.
  • Recreation. Recreational therapy like golf offers a break from active therapy so clients can be outdoors and active
  • Ocean activities. With the sea at our disposal, clients can enjoy ocean sports.
  • Pool and spa. Swimming and relaxing in a spa provide relaxation while in rehab.

Addiction Treatment at Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

The treatment process is life changing. By engaging in a host of therapies during your stay, you’ll learn new ways to respond to triggers. This learning process takes time and practice, but it teaches you healthy new thoughts and behavior patterns.

The treatment program includes:

  • Detox. Recovery begins with clearing the substance from the body through a managed detox and withdrawal. There is oversight provided throughout the detox process.
  • Psychotherapy. Daily therapy sessions help you flesh out any underlying emotional issues that may contribute to substance use. Using evidence-based CBT or DBT, you are guided toward making needed changes.
  • Group therapy. Group sessions are a core treatment element in addiction recovery. These small group sessions help build peer support, as participants open up and share their stories and struggles.
  • Couples or family therapy. These sessions help nurture support for the loved one in recovery, and also improve the relationship dynamics.
  • Education. Clients learn the impact of substances on the brain, which can help deter a relapse. Classes also focus on relapse prevention, helping clients form their own plans for managing triggers in recovery.
  • Holistic therapies. These include yoga classes, mindfulness, massage, acupuncture, art therapy, exercise, and recreation.

Benefits of Private Addiction Treatment Programs

When deciding where to receive support for a substance problem, consider the many benefits of a private drug and alcohol rehab program:

  • Privacy is a priority. Luxury rehabs are committed to client privacy. Inquire about which measures they take to ensure your privacy.
  • Custom treatment planning. The rehab offers tailored treatment plans and case management for each client.
  • Evidence-based approach. The program is built upon therapies that have been studied and are shown to be effective. An integrated program blends evidence-based therapies with holistic methods and exercise.
  • Expertise. The staff will include licensed addiction specialists, an M.D., and mental health experts.
  • Private rooms and bath. Deluxe accommodations include private bedrooms with en suite baths and fine linens.
  • Low client ratio. Private luxury rehabs tend to have fewer patients, which allows for a higher level of care.
  • Fully licensed. The treatment center is fully licensed with CARF and/or Joint Commission. This helps insure that the center follows industry safety standards.
  • Clean and orderly. The rehab will be properly maintained, clean, and well-managed.
  • Respectful environment. There is a comfortable and upbeat vibe and a sense of mutual respect and trust.
  • Aftercare planning. The rehab will help you plan for aftercare needs, such as outpatient therapy, sober living, and alumni services.

Looking for a treatment program to break the grip of a substance use disorder? Consider a private drug and alcohol rehab center and begin your healing in style.

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